Debra Gibbons – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Member of AAMF

Teen, Individual, and Family Counselor

Debra Gibbons
Red Cliffs Professional Park
321 N. Mall Drive Bldg O #101
St. George, UT 84790



Are you looking for someone to help you through a difficult time? Are you experiencing the loss of satisfaction in your relationships? Would you like to learn how to be happier with yourself and others? Perhaps you are suffering from depression and anxiety or your fears and worries are occupying most of your time. Would you like to be taught skills to help alleviate and manage the effects of depression and anxiety and gain a sense of well-being? Do you keep creating the present from the past and can’t seem to change old patterns that keep causing pain? Would you like a compassionate and skilled therapist to help you process the past and learn new tools to deal with your emotions? Do you need a supportive and gentle guide to help you discover new ways of thinking about yourself and the possibilities of your life after enduring trauma or abuse?

I am a deeply caring and empathetic therapist whose professional focus is to alleviate human suffering. I have helped many people change their lives and find new ways to think about themselves and others. I will meet you where you are and work with you to identify your deepest concerns. From there I will partner with you in an approach that will be solution focused, goal oriented, and designed specifically to meet your needs. I will help you define your problems, create your goals, assess your strengths and supports, teach you new skills, create awareness, educate you, and help you to recognize distorted thinking. Treatment plans are solution focused, goal oriented, and measurable. The basis of my treatment model is science driven Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Behavioral Therapy which are best practices models. I have helped many individuals gain the tools needed to solve their own problems now and in the future. I offer respect and a safe environment as I facilitate that journey with clients.

My philosophy is that that through awareness, education, coaching, and skills building an individual can create a more satisfying and fulfilling life for themselves. My clients report that engaging in therapy has been a life changing decision and that it has not only brought them deep inner peace but has helped them experience themselves and their world on a different and more gratifying level.