Debra Gibbons – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Member of AAMF

Teen, Individual, and Family Counselor

Debra Gibbons
Red Cliffs Professional Park
321 N. Mall Drive Bldg O #101
St. George, UT 84790

Services Offered


Teen Counseling

Treatment Specialization Includes:

Social Skills Training

Stress Reduction Techniques

Depression and Anxiety Management Skills

Anger Management/Conflict Resolution Training

Social Skills Training

ADHD Time Management Skills Training


Individual Counseling

Treatment Specialization Includes:

Anxiety and Depression Management

Stress Reduction/Relaxation Techniques

Mindfulness Training

Differentiation and Development of the Self

Extinguishing Co-dependency

Conflict Resolution Skills Training

Assertiveness Training

Grief and Loss Processing

Healing from Trauma and Abuse

Women’s Issues

Infertility and Adoption

Communication Skills

Anger Management

Boundaries and Self Advocacy

Attachment Healing

Postpartum Depression


Family Counseling

Treatment Specialization Includes:

Conflict Resolution


Parenting Skills


Child/Teen Development Issues

Healing Attachment Issues